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The thinnest Mouse Pad in the world!

The Rat Mat is an ultra thin Mouse Pad with a specially designed surface for optimum traction, and a unique patented non-slip backing. The software has been developed to enhance images, guaranteeing optimal Mouse performance. If’s functionality makes it an ideal marketing tool; a clean and simple design on the front makes it likely that the mat is kept on the desk for longer, giving you maximum exposure. The back can be used for fax back forms or special offers.

Designed for performance

After two years of extensive research on the optimum performance of optical or laser mice, the revolutionary Rat Mat is now in production. Rat Mat is a precise surface that has a patented design integrated on the surface of the pad with millions of Optical Anchor Points (OAP’s) that ensures extremely accurate movements of the pointer on the computer screen. A $1 million production line has been designed and implemented.

The Rat Mat is made of a Textron material, specifically designed and embossed to guarantee suitability with optical and laser mice. The backing is non slip and is designed with water based adhesives and uses no plasticizers or solvents so it is very environmentally friendly; both the top surface and backing are patented.
The Rat Mat will last for years under normal use.
The petro-chemicals used to manufacture neoprene mats are extremely harmful to us and our environment.
Neoprene mats take 100-200 years to break down in landfill. The Rat Mat patented non-slip backing is water based, not petro-chemical based. The manufacturing process gives off no harmful by-product. Our product leaves up to 10 times smaller environmental footprint than neoprene does.
In landfill, our product takes up a fraction of the space (0.5 mm as opposed to 5 mm) and gives off no toxic by-product whilst there.

Uses for the Rat Mat· Branding – to get your company better known
· Promotion of new products
· Introducing your company to potential clients
· Informative
· Moving address
· Promoting a website or helpline
Why RatMats?
Always on your desk.
First to come to mind.
Not just something else on the fridge.
Not just another pen that runs out.
The ultimate website advertising product.
Please email for Price List and Specifications

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