The thinnest Mouse Pad in the world!

The Rat Mat is an ultra thin Mouse Pad with a specially designed surface for optimum traction, and a unique patented non-slip backing. The software has been developed to enhance images, guaranteeing optimal Mouse performance. If’s functionality makes it an ideal marketing tool; a clean and simple design on the front makes it likely that the mat is kept on the desk for longer, giving you maximum exposure. The back can be used for fax back forms or special offers.

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Rat Mats (Mouse Pads with Attitude) is a division of Cherri International.

We offer a total Artwork and Design service for your Rat Mat All Artwork is drawn as a Vector image, by a qualified Graphic Designer. We only use Industry standard Software such as Adobe Illustrator.

Once we have the Artwork, a “High Resolution” .pdf is sent for Proofing. If this is satisfactory, we then send a “Colour Correct” actual Rat Mat, with an Authority to Print form. “No Pen to Paper, No Ink to Press”. We will not print anything without a signed approval.

Manufacture is in Queensland, so we pride ourselves on efficient turnaround. Delivery can be direct to Customer or to a Third Party.

Please read our Artwork and Specification Guide. The current Price list is supplied as a downloadable .pdf. There is a list of Software Programs that can be used.

Feel free to email us anytime for special requests, as larger quantities are not on our Price List.

Popular :

Countermat (295 mm x 455 mm)

The Countermat is an incredible Advertising tool, ideal for Chemists and Shop Counters

Square (152 mm x 152 mm)

The Square Mouse Pad is available as 152 mm x 152 mm. This has been incredibly popular amongst Laptop users.

Ergo (190mm x 210mm)

Ergo Mouse Pads are available as 190mm x 210 mm. Please refer to the Artwork specifications and Template.