Custom (230 x 310 mm max)

Rat Mats (Mouse Pads with Attitude) will tailor a powerful Custom shaped Mouse Pad to capture your Customers attention. Maximum size is 230 mm x 310 mm. We have a myriad of Die shapes to choose from, or will Custom manufacture for you.


Popular :

Countermat (295 mm x 455 mm)

The Countermat is an incredible Advertising tool, ideal for Chemists and Shop Counters

Square (152 mm x 152 mm)

The Square Mouse Pad is available as 152 mm x 152 mm. This has been incredibly popular amongst Laptop users.

Ergo (190mm x 210mm)

Ergo Mouse Pads are available as 190mm x 210 mm. Please refer to the Artwork specifications and Template.

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